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Empowering each student with the knowledge and skills needed to be a productive citizen and lifelong learner.

Located in the heart of southeast Kansas, just one hour from Pittsburg State University, Chanute Public Schools are just the right size. With approximately 135 certified professionals in a district with 1900 students, the district is large enough to academically challenge and technologically prepare students for  21st Century jobs, yet small enough that everyone is on a first name basis.

Chanute's community of 9,500 supports its public schools. Local residents spearheaded a fundraising campaign which raised $2.3 million dollars for new sports complex. In 2006 voters approved a $42.7 million dollar bond issue to build a new high school, a new elementary school and remodel the existing middle school. The new buildings opened August 18, 2008, the first day of school.

The Chanute Public School district is committed to providing all students with the preparation and skills needed for life after Chanute High School. District teachers work together and strive to meet state standards and Adequate Yearly Progress from the No Child Left Behind  federal legislation. In all Chanute schools, students show continual improvement. The high school met the state Standard of Excellence in reading, writing and math in 2007. Royster Middle School students met the Standard of Excellence in reading and writing. District schools are meeting AYP, even as expectations continue to rise.

 We believe the education of our children and youth is a cooperative venture with active responsibility shared by the partners in education: home, community and school.  Chanute Public Schools' Board of Education goals are that students will demonstrate:

  •  A solid foundation in reading communications, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, fine arts, and the use of technology in order to be successful life-long learners.
  • Skills in problem-solving, critical thinking and creative thinking to become responsible decision makers.
  • Ability to set and achieve goals.
  • Ability to work as a team member and cooperatively identify problems and solutions in school, the community and the work place.
  • Characteristics of responsible citizenship and self-discipline.

The Chanute Public School district is committed to training and retaining staff. All new-to-district teachers are teamed with a veteran teacher and attend afterschool mentoring programs. In a relaxed setting with other new teachers, subjects such as discipline, time management, parent teacher conferences, and preparing students for state assessments is discussed.

Teacher collaboration and inservice days are scheduled throughout the school year. Teachers use the time to discuss curriculum issues, state assessments and building report cards, new technology and federal mandates.

Summer Institute allow teachers to work a week with their colleagues - and without students. Some plan new programs, new activities to match curriculum objectives or align curriculum to state standards. With the food, camaraderie, and fun, it's a time many teachers look forward to every June.

District Jobs

2020-2021 Middle School Assistant Principal/Athletic Director | Posted on October-11-2019 | Expires on November-9-2019
Building & Grounds Maintenance / Warehouse Worker | Posted on October-11-2019 | Expires on January-30-2020
ELL Teacher | Posted on October-3-2019 | Expires on November-31-2019

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