Speech Language Pathologist USDs 270 and 399


Position will be posted until filled.  Do not hesitate to apply.


North Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative

Job Description of speech/language pathologist



1.  Master’s Degree

2. Kansas Certification/Licensure in Speech/Language Pathology

3.  Certification of Health (after employment offer).


Duties (Direct or Consultative):

1.  Participate in preschool and kindergarten screenings upon request.

2.  Screen and evaluate appropriately referred students.

3.  Provide direct therapy in individual and group sessions, focusing on articulation, language, fluency, and voice disorders.

4.  Conduct impedance audiometry tests, as warranted.

5.  Help plan programs to be carried out by teacher/paraeducator at school or by the parents at home as stipulated on the IEP.

6.  Consult with regular education/special education teachers regarding students with speech/language problems who do not qualify for speech.

7.  Consult with teachers and parents to provide recommendations for achieving carry-over of trained skills to classroom and home settings.

8.  Participate as a member of the evaluation team, providing insight to parents and staff from area(s) of expertise.

9.  Serve as a liaison for relevant medical services and community resources.



1.  Serve as case manager for speech/language referrals, complete and compile all required forms and reports.

2.  Conduct three-year reevaluations of students receiving speech/language therapy as their primary services.

3.  Continuously measure student progress toward learning goals and objectives in order to guide therapeutic decisions.

4.  Update student progress toward objectives on a nine-week basis.

5.  Prepare reports and recommendations for every child on current caseload.

6.  Maintain professional competence through participation in inservice.

7.  Serve on committees to promote or further the goals and policies of the districts and Cooperative.

8.  Maintain and complete documentary logs.

9.  Perform other duties and responsibilities as determined by the Director.


Physical Requirements:

1.  Travel Required.

2.  Must be able to work in busy and crowded environments.


NCKSEC offers a generous benefit plan which includes $690 towards a BCBS healthcare plan of choice, an annual 403b match of $300, and paid leave. Please see the complete leave benefit sheet at: https://s3.amazonaws.com/scschoolfiles/1677/18-19_certified_benefits.pdf Many counties within the NCKSEC area are designated Rural Opportunity Zones (ROZ). You may qualify for the ROZ student loan repayment program or tax incentives. See additional information at: http://www.kansascommerce.com/index.aspx?NID=491 All SLPs are granted MS+30 education level on salary chart. SLP with no experience starts at $42,222.
Job Start Date: August-1-2019
Applications Due By: May-30-2019

Job Contact Information

Wes Topel - wtopel@ncksec.net - 7855432149

Employer Information

NCKSEC Interlocal USD 636 www.ncksec.net

Located in north central and northwest Kansas, the NCKSEC Interlocal #636 serves 11 rural school districts.  These 11 districts educate approximately 3500 students of which 700 receive special education services. 

All of the communities within the NCKSEC offer the benefits of safe and affordable rural living with effective and progressive schools and healthcare services. Rural Opportunity Zone tax incentives are available for individuals relocating to the area.  

School districts that comprise the NCKSEC include;  USD 110 Thunder Ridge, USD 211 Norton, USD 212 Northern Valley, USD 237 Smith Center, USD 269 Palco, USD 270 Plainville, USD 271 Stockton, USD 325 Phillipsburg, USD 326 Logan, USD 392 Osborne and USD 399 Natoma.   

For more information please visit our website at www.ncksec.net


Employer Address: 205 F Street, Suite 235 Phillipsburg, Kansas

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