School Nurse

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Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board of Education may find appropriate or acceptable.

Has had at least three years of nursing experience in a controlled, supervised nursing environment.

Holds the minimum of a baccalaureate degree in nursing

Holds a current license to practice professional nursing in Kansas


Reports to: Building Principal, School Nurse Coordinator

  1. Immunizations
    1. Assists in enforcing the Kansas Immunization Law through regular surveillance of the immunization status of all assigned students and enforces exclusion of those not in compliance.
    2. Complies with auditing immunization records as requested by KDHE.
  2. Health appraisal:
    1. Notifies parent(s) when a physical examination is required or recommended for their child’s school attendance
    2. Develop and maintain health history on students with complex health issues.
    3. Develop IHP and/or Action Plans as appropriate.
    4. Documents any pertinent health concerns in the student’s health record (i.e. Infinite Campus)
    5. Notifies teachers and other appropriate staff of student health concerns which may have an effect on the learning process or require possible intervention. 
    6. Participate in building team and IEP meetings as needed.
  3. Screening: dental, vision, hearing, height, and weight
    1. Weighs and measures height of students annually (ensures that these are assessed in physical education classes).
    2. Conducts hearing screening with the pure tone audiometer of each students in Pre-K and grades K-1-2-5-8-11, all students new to the district, and all others referred by the teacher or parents. 
    3. Conducts vision screening of each student in the Infant Toddler program, Pre-K and grades K-1-3-5-7-9-11, all students new to the district, and any other student referred by the teacher or parents
    4. Facilitates dental screening provided by outside agencies. 
  4. Infection control:
    1. Notifies parents of students who have been exposed to a communicable disease, as needed. 
    2. Determines the needs for exclusion of any student with symptoms of a communicable disease. 
  5. Illness and first aid:
    1. Maintains CPR/FA certification and assists with teaching CPR/FA as needed.
    2. Administers and/or delegates medication administration in accordance with medication guidelines.
    3. Notifies parents/guardians before any child is sent home due to illness or injury. 
    4. Carefully assesses student`s symptoms of illness and determines need for the student to be excused from attendance
    5. Administers emergency first aid to students or school personnel in accordance with established first aid procedures
  6. Safety:
    1. Assesses the school environment for safety hazards and sanitary conditions and assists in the development and implementation of plans to alleviated identified problems
    2. Serves as a resource for crisis management
    3. Maintains emergency medical supplies
  7. Health education/promotion:
    1. Serves as a resource person in the area of health education
    2. Actively encourages a healthy lifestyle for students and staff
    3. Educates students, staff, families, and community groups regarding health issues. 
  8. Counseling/advocate:
    1. Counsels students and parents concerning health issues
    2. Advocates for students regarding health issues
  9. Documentation:
    1. Maintains and updates each student`s health record (i.e. Infinite Campus)
    2. Completes record for Medicaid and KSDE as directed by Special Education guidelines
    3. Completes required information for State health reports (i.e. Immunization audits and School Nurse Survey) and supplies a copy to the school nurse coordinator
  10. Miscellaneous:
    1. Works cooperatively with other members of the nursing team
    2. Train and supervise delegated staff regarding health care and/or medical procedures
    3. Practices good mental and physical health and habits that promote personal wellness in order to serve as a role model for students and staff
    4. Develops and maintains a working relationship with health agencies in the community
    5. Collaborates with other community agencies regarding the health and welfare of students, parents, and the community
    6. Takes responsibility for professional development by attending continuing education programs and by reading literature related to health and school nursing
  11. Performs other duties as assigned by immediate supervisor













Newton USD 373

Job Start Date: August-1-2019
Applications Due By: May-29-2019

Job Contact Information

Jane Nichols - - 316-284-6205

Employer Information

Newton USD 373


The Newton Public Schools offer a wide array of programs in a hometown environment that is often not found in large metropolitan areas. USD 373 serves approximately 3,769 students including Newton, North Newton, Walton and surrounding rural areas. The teacher/pupil ratio is 1/10. Salary for first year teachers is $37,000. The mission of USD 373 is to prepare its students to be capable, contributing participants in a changing world. In addition to regular classes, Newton students have access to vocational and technical programs that are ranked among the top in the state. Schools in the district include:

1 - Early Childhood

5 - Elementary

1- 5th/6th Center

1 - Middle School

1 - High School

Professional development for teachers and staff is a high priority for the district with 100% of teachers designated "highly qualified" as defined by the Kansas Department of Education.

Employer Address: 308 E 1st Street Newton, Kansas

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