School Psychologist Norton USD 211

The NCKSEC announces an full-time opening for a school psychologist to serve the Norton USD 211 school dustrict for the 18-19 school year.  Position will be posted until filled.  Do not hestitate to apply.


North Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative

Job Description


School Psychologist



1.   Master of Science or above.

2.   Kansas Certification/Licensure in school psychology.

3.   Certification of Health (after employment offer).


Duties (Direct or Consultative):

1.   Serve as chairperson of multidisciplinary screening and evaluation team, providing insight to staff and parents from area(s) of expertise and eliciting pertinent data from the participants for placement and programming needs.

2.   Administer psychological and educational tests, conduct classroom observations and gather other information needed for evaluation and intervention planning.

3.   Assist in the development and annual review of individual education programs.

4.   Assist teachers in developing and implementing effective classroom management and instructional techniques.

5.   Consult with teachers and parents regarding behavioral, emotional, and educational problems.

6.   Provide individual and group therapeutic interventions within training boundaries and channel referrals to appropriate community sources when further intervention or information is warranted.

7.   Assist in providing inservice to special and regular education staff to augment the necessary knowledge base for understanding and programming for exceptional students.

8.   Work with school and/or community agencies to facilitate students’ transition from one setting to another.

9.   Coordinate the evaluative placement and temporary program of transferring students by securing required records, gathering information from the previous school and participating in the review of the program placement and IEP.

10.    Coordinate the exchange of information among outside agencies dealing with students with disabilities or those referred for comprehensive evaluation.

11.    Assist in the provision of career education, work-study and other vocational education for exceptional students.



1.   Serve as case manager for all comprehensive evaluations, complete and compile all required forms and reports.

2.   Conduct three-year reevaluations.

3.   Coordinate preschool and kindergarten screenings.

4.   Maintain professional competence through participation in inservice.

5.   Serve on committees to promote or further the goals and policies of the districts and Cooperative.

6.   Perform other duties and responsibilities as determined by the Director.


Physical Requirements:

1.   May require travel.

2.   Must be able to work in busy and crowded environments.


NCKSEC Interlocal USD 636

NCKSEC Interlocal USD 636

NCKSEC Interlocal USD 636
Generous benefit and leave package. Please see link to benefit summary page. Many counties within the NCKSEC area are designated Rural Opportunity Zones (ROZ). You may qualify for the ROZ student loan repayment program or tax incentives. See additional information at: Commensurate with education and experience. EdS with no experience $48,271. 194-day contract.
Job Start Date: January-3-2019
Applications Due By: November-30-2018

Job Contact Information

Wes Topel - - 7855432149

Employer Information

NCKSEC Interlocal USD 636

Located in north central and northwest Kansas, the NCKSEC Interlocal #636 serves 11 rural school districts.  These 11 districts educate approximately 3500 students of which 700 receive special education services. 

All of the communities within the NCKSEC offer the benefits of safe and affordable rural living with effective and progressive schools and healthcare services. Rural Opportunity Zone tax incentives are available for individuals relocating to the area.  

School districts that comprise the NCKSEC include;  USD 110 Thunder Ridge, USD 211 Norton, USD 212 Northern Valley, USD 237 Smith Center, USD 269 Palco, USD 270 Plainville, USD 271 Stockton, USD 325 Phillipsburg, USD 326 Logan, USD 392 Osborne and USD 399 Natoma.   

For more information please visit our website at


Employer Address: 205 F Street, Suite 235 Phillipsburg, Kansas

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