7-12 Facs -4 day week-

7-12 Home FACS teacher, great opportunity in a rural school. Four days a week, full time or part time, depending on applicant. We are accepting applications from other endorsements and emergency substitute license. Please call or email Lamar for questions. lbergsten@st-tel.net Triplains USD 275 Triplains USD 275

Job Start Date: August-15-2019
Applications Due By: September-1-2019

Job Contact Information

Lamar Bergsten - lbergsten@st-tel.net - 785 846 7869

Employer Information

Triplains USD 275 triplains.weebly.com

USD 275 Triplains is located in Winona, KS.  The school district operates on a four day school week with Mondays being the "off" day.  Triplains is a member of the Western Kansas Liberty League.  Grades PK-12 are housed in one building.  Triplains has a great family atmosphere, and is an ideal place to raise children.  The four day school week allows for more family time.  We are a member of the Northwest Kansas Educational Service Center.

Employer Address: 5th and Wilson Winona, Kansas

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