Assistant Director of Special Education

The Assistant Director of Special Education oversees the instructional staff and the instructional programming of the Interlocal, including but not limited to: preparation for professional development activities; the evaluation of all agency personnel; paperwork and IEP compliance and procedures; supervision of related service teams; and the timely submission of data reports to KSDE.

Essential Responsibilities

-        Oversight of the State Performance Plan indicators for compliance and performance purposes. (Indicators 11, 12 & 13 + District File Reviews)

-        Oversight of the data collection conducted by the MIS Clerks.

-        Develop a list annually of the staff to be evaluated to be shared with Coordinator staff, Superintendents and Building administrators.

-        Complete classified staff evaluations for those central office staff.

-        Oversight of the WebKIDSS program and IEP development for the agency.

-        Supervise Coordinator staff and office personnel, as requested.

-        Review and sign all para evaluations.

-        Mentor new Coordinators.

-        Be the responsible party for para testing.

-        Monitor para in-service hours and submit reminders to supervisors.

-        Review and approve all Personal Leave requests.

-        Prepare TIP Application annually for Director’s approval and monitor expenditures.

-        Develop and Provide for New Teacher Training and Mentoring.

-        Assist in the development and monitoring of Interlocal goals.

-        Prepare information for KSDE requests for data and documentation.

-        Oversight of Transportation issues.

-        Oversee staff development activities.

-        Oversee Technology Plan requirements.

-        Attend all meetings of the Tri-County Interlocal Board of Education, Superintendent’s Council, and Coordinator Meetings.

-        Plan for and lead Coordinator meetings, as requested.

-        Oversight of Professional Development Council.

-        Oversight of the PDP Toolbox program.

-        Communicate effectively with all members of the school districts, Interlocal, and community.

-        Work effectively with community organizations.

-        Monitor and make provisions for training/assistance to staff on student transition activities.

-        React to change productively and handle other tasks as assigned.

-        Support the value of an education.

-        Be an agent of change and promote best practices in the Interlocal.

-        Support the philosophy and the mission of the Interlocal and the school districts.

Physical Requirements/Environmental Conditions

-        Physical Requirements/Environmental Conditions

-        Requires prolonged sitting or standing.

-        Occasionally requires physical exertion to manually move, lift, carry, pull or push heavy objects materials.

-        Occasional stooping, bending and reaching.

-        Requires regular travel

-        Must be able to work in a variety of noisy and crowded environments

-        Must be flexible and open minded

-        Must be physically/mentally able to cope with occasional stress/duress within the work environment.

Other General Responsibilities

-        Work with office personnel to develop a database of potential licensed/certified personnel.

-        Serve as the agency contact for Gifted Services.

-        Monitor Teacher Licensure issues – notify teachers of license expiration dates, submit licensure waivers, etc.

-        Maintain documentation regarding data collected and submitted for State Performance Plan.

-        Work closely with Coordinator staff regarding supervision issues.

-        Maintain user names and passwords for PDP Toolbox and McRel.

-        Approve P.O.’s, as necessary.

-        Approve Material Requisitions, as necessary.

-        Prepare Financial Dashboard for monthly Board meetings.

-        Approve Professional Development requests, as necessary.

-        Provide information to personnel regarding changes to WebKIDSS and compliance responsibilities.

-        Develop and ensure that paperwork procedures are up-to-date, posted and reviewed with staff.

-        Set high expectations for student achievement and behavior.

-        Demonstrate effective interpersonal relationships with others.

-        Consult with parents, teachers, administrators, and others concerning the needs of students and special services that are available.

-        Assist with public awareness activities which lead to a better understanding of the needs of exceptional children.

-        Cooperate with agencies serving students and their families.

-        Maintain appropriate, confidential records and provide timely reports.

-        Keep abreast of new information, innovative ideas and techniques.

-        See that school district and Interlocal policies are observe during all activities.

-        Obtain advance approval for all special activities and expenditures.

-        Order and maintain an adequate inventory of materials and supplies.

-        Adhere to all district and interlcal health and safety policies, including all precautions of the Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan.

-        Other duties as assigned by the Director.


-        High School Diploma or Equivalent

-        Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college/university

-        Graduate degree in the area of Special Education Administration or its equivalent

-        Current Kansas State Administrative Licensure or its equivalent - District Level Licensure through KSDE by start date

-        Health and Inoculation Certificate on file in the central office

-        Desire to continue career improvement


Applicants must include the following with their application by December 12, 2018 at 6:00pm:

  • Application
  • Email the following documents to Emily McCambridge at
    • Cover letter
    • Resume
    • Current letters of recommendation
    • Copy of current KSDE licenses
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

 Tri-County Spec. Ed. Coop. Int. USD 607

Tri-County Spec. Ed. Coop. Int. USD 607
Benefits: Established annually by the Tri-County Interlocal Board of Education upon offer of position. Salary: Established annually by the Tri-County Interlocal Board of Education upon offer of position.
Job Start Date: July-1-2019
Applications Due By: December-14-2018

Job Contact Information

Emily McCambridge - - 620-331-6303

Employer Information

Tri-County Spec. Ed. Coop. Int. USD 607

It is the mission of Tri-County Special Education #607, in collaboration with our district partners, to develop and provide individualized student programming that promotes positive relationships and leads to meaningful student outcomes.

Tri-County Special Education Interlocal #607 is a cooperative established to provide the special education and related services in seven local school districts in southeast Kansas.  Our member districts include:  Caney USD #436,Cherryvale USD #447Coffeyville USD #445Fredonia USD #484Independence USD #446Neodesha USD #461,Parsons USD #503

Check us out on Facebook: Tri-County Interlocal #607

Check us out on Twitter: @TriCounty607

Support for New Teachers

Tri-County Interlocal No. 607 and the Tri-County Interlocal Teachers Association jointly recognize the value of a mentor program. The purpose of this mentoring is to provide teachers an opportunity to develop new skills, be provided with staff development that is meaningful and job specific, provide training and support, and enhance the skills a teacher may already possess.

We believe that by providing a teacher the chance to grow, the result will be better prepared teachers. These educators, in turn, will be able to provide students with the best instruction possible.


Tuition Assistance Opportunity

Tri-County employees are eligible for up to 6 hours of tuition assistance per year, specifically to assist waivered and provisional staff to meet the requirements for a "highly qualified" endorsement or to assist individuals who are pursuing an endorsement in an area of need defined by the Interlocal. An additional 3 hours of assistance may be approved if the fund has not been exhausted at the end of the school year.

Apply NOW at Tri-County at


Employer Address: 2207 N. 10th Independence, Kansas

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