Central School Principal K-12

Application Deadline:  June 21- 2019


The job description listed below is designed to provide a general outline of the expectations of a School Building Principal in USD 409.  As such the description should not be interpreted as all encompassing or inclusive.


Title:            Building Principal


Purpose and Objectives of the Position: To use leadership- supervisory and administrative skills to promote the educational development of the individual student and- through that development- student achievement that ensures school accreditation and adequate yearly progress goals are met. The degree of freedom to act is significant- as many decisions will be made using administrative discretion with district policy serving only as a guide- not a blueprint for action.  This job is classified as an exempt position according to the Fair Labor Standards Act.


Reports to:  Superintendent

Supervises: All building certified teaching staff and staff as assigned



  • Masters degree from as accredited college/university
  • Three years certified experience.
  • Current Kansas State Certification as Administrator on file in the Central Office
  • Health and Inoculation Certificate on file in the Central Office.
  • Desire to continue career improvement.
  • Skills to effectively communicate- coordinate- and direct an outstanding educational program with students- staff- parents- patrons- other administrators- and the School Board.


General Functions:

  • Implements effective procedures for ensuring a safe and orderly learning environment.
  • Takes appropriate action when students exhibit emotionally/physically distressed behaviors.
  • Complies with- or monitors compliance with- all state and federal laws.
  • Implements board policies- rules and regulations.
  • Collects and reports data on academic achievement by all student groups.
  • Monitors assessment of all students in basic skills areas.
  • Evaluates effectiveness of teaching materials- activities and approaches- and provides assistance when necessary.
  • Sets high expectations for learning for all students based on their individual needs.
  • Uses a variety of instructional materials- activities and approaches appropriate to the needs of individual learners.
  • Develops and monitors plans of improvement for students who are not meeting academic goals.
  • Supports all modifications and plans as directed in each student’s IEP or 504 plan.
  • Description – Building Principal
  • Supports the school and district mission.
  • Promotes positive relationships between all persons in the school community.
  • Facilitates effective site councils.
  • Helps students develop responsibility for their conduct.
  • Cultivates staff behaviors that promote respect of authority- tolerance of diversity- and appreciation of each student’s potential.
  • Works with staff to develop and recommend standards for student learning.
  • Plans in-service activities based on student and staff needs and ensures they are effectively implemented.
  • Recruits- supervises and evaluates instructional staff in accordance with policy and law.
  • Interacts effectively with building/district personnel.
  • Organizes effective budget planning procedures.
  • Ensures building expenditures do not exceed the limits set forth by the board-approved budget.
  • Maintains building records and property.
  • Engages professional growth activities as directed.
  • Uses written and spoken language well.
  • Makes all necessary administrative decisions in a timely fashion.
  • Delegates supervision when appropriate.
  • Maintains office hours as determined by the superintendent.
  • Develop- implement and evaluate an educational program that ensures Kansas Quality Performance Accreditation requirements are satisfied and fulfilled.
  • Develop- implement and evaluate curriculum and instruction to ensure state standards are taught and school makes adequate yearly progress and maintains accreditation by the state of Kansas.
  • Develop- implement- and evaluate supplemental programs to remediate students that have not demonstrated proficiency.
  • Develop and articulate an educational philosophy that guides decisions regarding the educational program.
  • Develop strategies for improving educational and instructional programs including classes offered and schedule configuration.
  • Develop and encourage long range planning and evaluation of the educational program.
  • Articulate district- school- and personal goals to staff in a manner that leads to successful implementation.           
  • Understand and work toward successful implementation of departmental/grade level objectives.
  • Develop and implement procedures for the administration- reporting and interpreting of standardized tests.
  • Work with staff in development of appropriate grading procedures.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the supervisor and in accordance with the provisions of the USD 409 Board of Education.
  • A valid building-level license issued by the Kansas State Board of Education.
  • Works cooperatively and constructively with others- including the ability to communicate effectively with broad and diverse audiences.
  • Handles a fast-paced- intense work environment.
  • Manage job responsibilities and meet the established building outcomes. 
  • Willingness to work a daily schedule that could demand an extended workday.
  • Regular attendance is required of all employees subject to allowed leave in accordance with district policy or negotiated agreement- as appropriate.  Excessive absences or tardiness- unauthorized leave or unexcused absences may result in disciplinary action including termination of employment.


Essential Responsibilities:

  • Maintain a general understanding of total district programs.
  • Participate in selection and interviewing of potential candidates.
  • Recommend successful candidate to Superintendent for employment.
  • Provide thorough orientation for staff regarding procedures- policies- etc.- when appropriate.
  • Work with Superintendent and staff to develop and implement quality in-service.
  • Has major responsibility for assessment and evaluation of staff including aiding all staff in the improvement of instruction.
  • Keep Superintendent informed of staff performance and make recommendations to Superintendent regarding staff non-renewal.
  • Promote and implement procedures- which enhance staff development and morale.
  • Develop and implement effective procedures for staff supervision of students.
  • Develop and implement effective disciplinary procedures within district policies.
  • Provide student handbook- where appropriate- for each student.
  • Develop and implement effective procedures for promoting student achievement and academic excellence.
  • Develop and implement procedures that promote school attendance.
  • Develop and implement procedures that effectively keep students and parents informed of attendance expectations and status.
  • Develop and implement procedures that promote a positive school environment- student attitude and motivation.
  • Develop and implement methods for assessing parent and community expectations.
  • Develop and implement effective methods of communication with parents and community.
  • Develop and implement procedures that encourage patron participation in overall school program.
  • Develop and implement procedures for use of district budgeting procedures.
  • Develop and recommend to Superintendent a building budget that is reflective of available funds and staff needs.
  • Monitor and keep accurate account of all building level funds and purchase orders.


Terms of Employment: 12 month contract- salary to be established by the board. 

Job Start Date: NA
Applications Due By: 06/21/2019

Job Contact Information

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Employer Information

Atchison USD 409 www.usd409.net

USD 409 Atchison Public Schools has approximately 1700 students. Our district is made up of four schools, all in the same town:

Elementary School grades PK-5

Middle School grades 6-8

High School grades 9-12

Central School grade 1-12 

Atchison is a unique rural family town, located on the Missouri River approximately 50 miles from Kansas City, Topeka, Lawrence and St. Joseph. We have the advantage of enjoying the quiet life but the big city attractions are just one hour away.

Employer Address: 626 Commercial Street Atchison, Kansas

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