Reports to:                 Deputy Superintendent


Purpose of Job:        

The job of Executive Director of Research, Evaluation, and Accountability is done for the purpose/s of directing, coordinating, and overseeing the development and implementation of programs and service for district testing and assessment; conducting applied research; monitoring progress and effectiveness of site programs; providing professional and administrative assistance at all levels and staff assistance to the district leadership in the areas of research, evaluation, accountability.  This position leads student assessments activities and ensures the district practices remain in compliance with board, state, and federal policies and provides oversight for critical projects and maintains positive working relationships with local, national and state agencies.  In addition, this position leads grand and supplemental funding efforts for the district programs and initiatives. 



Required Qualification:       

·         Current Kansas District Level licensure

·         Demonstrated success leading research and performance management that result in measurable student achievement.

·         Demonstrated success leading school improvement initiatives that close achievement gaps between racial, ethnic, and economic groups.


Preferred Qualifications:


·         Doctoral Degree in an education discipline

·         Excellent communication, interpersonal, and team building skill.

·         Successful experience working in a diverse organization or community. 

·         Five or more years of progressive education administrative experience including school (preferably at two levels) and district leadership experience at the executive level.

·         Demonstrated ability to lead the design, implementation and management of large scale systems.



Performance and Responsibilities:

·         Oversees district assessment programs.  This includes: the development of local performance assessments and test administration handbooks, the implementation of all assessments, analysis, and communication of results to stakeholder groups

·         Oversees the collection, disaggregation, dissemination and reporting of test data and other measures of student achievement

·         Assists with the development, implementation, and monitoring of evaluation models for district programs and potential grants

·         Approves requests for research projects and applications for external and internal agencies

·         Ensures compliance with grants

·         Direct and support the District’s educator effectiveness model for measures of student learning

·         Monitor and prepare data analysis reports for the Executive Leadership Team

·         Assists the Superintendent in developing long rage strategic plans for Lawrence Public Schools

·         Assist professional development presentations to teachers, district staff, and others regarding assessments

·         Oversees annual building report cards and assists with other communications regarding assessments

·         Analyze assessment data for national, state and district assessment programs and prepares the data for release to the public

·         Maintains a current knowledge base in several areas:  personalized learning, project based learning, culturally relevant teaching, technology integration and other district initiatives

·         Plans and implements strategic change initiative through facilitation of dialogue among those involved

·         Prepares, administers, and monitors appropriate budgets

·         Establishes dates for on-going scheduled events, end of trimester report cards, and state and local student performance measures


Apply at usd497.tedk12.com/hire

Lawrence Public Schools USD 497

Lawrence Public Schools USD 497
Job Start Date: July-1-2019
Applications Due By: February-18-2019

Job Contact Information

Samrie Devin - SDevin@usd497.org - 785-832-5000 X 4669

Employer Information

Lawrence Public Schools USD 497 www.usd497.org/

Our Mission:

Lawrence Public Schools, USD 497, is a learning community committed to ensuring educational equity and excellence so that students of all races backgrounds achieve at high levels and graduate prepared for success in college, careers and life in a diverse and rapidly changing world.

About us:

Lawrence Public Schools serve approximately 11,000 students from pre-kindergarten through grade 12 in Lawrence, Kansas. Located on Interstate 70, about half-way between Topeka and Kansas City, Lawrence is an academic community, home to the University of Kansas and Haskell Indian Nations University. Our district is the seventh-largest in Kansas and with nearly 1,700 employees, one of the city's largest employers.

Twenty-one school campuses include a pre-K program,14 elementary schools (grades K-5), four middle schools (grades 6-8), two comprehensive high schools(grades 9-12), a K-8 virtual school and a virtual high school (grades 9-11). Lawrence Public Schools offer a Parents as Teachers program for families of children from birth to age three; adult basic education, English as a Second Language courses and G.E.D. study and testing through an Adult Learning Center; and the opportunity for adults to earn a diploma through the Lawrence Diploma-Completion Program.

Employer Address: 110 McDonald Drive Lawrence, Kansas

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