Early Childhood Special Education Teacher (SPED) 2020-2021

Reports To:         Coordinator of Early Childhood Special Education             


Position Purpose:

The Early Childhood Special Education teacher creates and maintains a program that focuses on the physical- social- and emotional development of each child that includes developmentally appropriate student learning activities in the areas of cognition- creative expression- communication- social- physical- and emotional development and that meets the unique needs of each child with regard to his/her level of comprehension and maturation.  The Early Childhood Special Education Teacher is responsible for planning and implementing the goals of the Individual Education Plan (IEP).



  • Current certification as a teacher and endorsement in the area of Early Childhood Special Education or Early Childhood Unified in the State of Kansas with experience as a teacher of preschool disabled students. 
  • ESOL Endorsement preferred.                     



Physical/Emotional Requirements:  (The incumbent may be required to use the following skills and abilities during any part of the working day.)

Speaking- hearing visual- reading- writing- word processing- mobility- consistency of temperament- ability to work with a variety of problems at the same time- stamina for working long hours and in stress producing environments.


Performance Responsibilities: 

  • Provides learning experiences in language arts- physical education- art- music- health- and other subject matter suited to the needs of pupils.
  • Develops and uses instructional materials suitable for verbal or visual instruction of pupils with wide ranges of mental- physical- and emotional maturities.
  • Develops in each pupil an awareness of personal worth and the role the pupil plays in family and community and encourages pupils to express themselves creatively in art- music- and dramatic play.
  • Provides individual and small-group instruction- designed to meet individual needs of pupils in the areas of communication skills- health habits- physical skills- and development of satisfactory self concepts.
  • Enriches educational program through study trips to community resources.
  • Plans and coordinates the work of aides- assistants- parents- and volunteers in the classroom and on field trips.
  • Develops activities for parents that promote parent participation and involvement in education activities.
  • Communicates regularly with parents by means of parent meetings- home visits- and individual parent conferences.
  • Interprets school program to parents to strengthen parental understanding of the individual pupil’s needs and the school’s role in the individual pupil’s life.
  • Provides appropriate climate to establish and reinforce acceptable pupil behavior- attitudes- and social skills.
  • Cooperates with other professional staff members in assessing and helping pupils solve health- attitude- and learning problems.
  • Complies with district- state- and federal regulations regarding services to early childhood special education students.
  • Develops- monitors- and updates the Individual Education Plan (IEP) for identified students.
  • Communicates high expectations to all learners.
  • Must complete all Special Education paperwork including IEPs and Medicaid billing.


Terms of Employment:

9 months; salary and work year to be determined by the Board of Education.



Performance of this position will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board policy on evaluation of Support Service Personnel.


Significant associations:

The performance responsibilities are not limited to those outlined in this description and may include any other responsibilities as assigned by the administrator/supervisor.


Job Start Date: NA
Applications Due By: 05/31/2020

Job Contact Information

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Employer Information

Topeka USD 501 www.topekapublicschools.net

To apply for a position at Topeka Public Schools, please visit www.topekapublicschools.net, select Employment, and then Job Opportunities. Topeka Public Schools` students perform at the highest levels.  Students, staff members, and district leaders are recognized regularly for outstanding accomplishments. We offer a variety of comprehensive programs designed to fit to the needs and interests of all students. Excellence and equity are the standard. We educate all children. TPS schools have received national recognition for excellence in education, with several attaining the Kansas Standards of Excellence in reading and mathematics and many achieving remarkable double-digit gains. As the sixth largest school district in Kansas with an enrollment of about 12,000 students in elementary through high school, Topeka Public Schools is also the largest school district in Shawnee County.  Elementary schools range in size from 200 to 600 students. We have two elementary magnet schools.  One is a science and fine arts magnet school and the other is a computer magnet school. Middle school enrollments range between 400 to 600 students and our three high schools have enrollments of 800 to 1,800 students. Hope Street Academy, a charter high school, draws alternative students from across the district. A proud feature of our district is Hummer Sports Park, a six-sport complex featuring state-of-the-art facilities for football, track, soccer, baseball, softball, and swimming. We are committed to hiring and retaining superior employees to educate and meet the needs of each student. As the third largest employer in Topeka with over 2,400 certified and classified staff members, we provide a competitive salary schedule, district-paid insurance benefits, a generous leave package, and many other great benefits. If you are interested in joining our progressive school district, please check the job listings below and visit our website at www.topekapublicschools.net to learn more about Topeka Public Schools and complete your application. 

Employer Address: 624 SW 24th Street Topeka, Kansas

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