Elementary Counselor

Title:   Counselor


Reports to/Supervised by:   Building Principal


Job Goal:

Under the supervision of the principal- to plan- organize and supervise the school’s total guidance program


Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Counseling requirements as set by the State Board of Education


Performance responsibilities include- but are not limited to the following:

  1. Counsel with students and assist them in understanding the school and its environment
  2. Counsel with students to assist them in understanding their relations with others
  3. Assist students to realistically assess their strengths and weaknesses- particularly as they relate to their academic and/or vocational plans
  4. Under the direction of the principal- develop a master schedule of classes for each school year and help place students in required and elective classes
  5. Assemble and interpret information about students which will be useful to the administration and the teaching staff to improve the instructional program
  6. With administrative direction- plan- supervise and administer any testing programs required by state law or board of education policies
  7. Upon request- prepare reports for the board of education on the testing program or other pertinent topics. Be prepared to present and/or explain the reports to the board at a regular or special meeting. Reports on test results shall meet the requirements of current statutes
  8. Assist the administration in implementing all policies and/or rules governing students’ life and conduct
  9. Work with the faculty as necessary to improve the instructional program and services to individual students
  10. Prepare a written procedure for administrative approval- and hold meetings with parents to explain the school’s counseling services- college scholarship requirements- preparing for college- and completing the paperwork necessary to apply to various colleges and post-secondary vocational programs
  11. Maintain and strive to improve professional performance and competence
  12. Attend staff meetings and serve on staff committees as required



Evaluation:               Evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of the USD 464 Board of Education’s policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel and this job description.


Work Year:                193 days.

Job Start Date: NA
Applications Due By: 07/18/2018

Job Contact Information

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Employer Information

Tonganoxie USD 464 www.tong464.org

Tonganoxie Public Schools offer a wide variety of educational opportunities while enjoying the benefits of a small community.  Nestled in the hills between Lawrence and Kansas City, this growing town of 5,000 people enjoys the benefits that a large city provides. USD 464 currently operates 3 schools: one elementary (K-5), one middle (6-8), and one high school (9-12).  K-12 enrollment is estimated at 1,900. Tonganoxie High School has a student body of 600 students. Students enjoy a wide variety of extra curricular activities that add to their high school experience. The curriculum is diverse, supporting technical programs as well as Advanced Placement classes and college classes for the students. Tonganoxie Middle School first opened its doors in January 2007. Students enjoy state of the art facilities that support the academic and extra curricular activities. Tonganoxie Elementary School opened it`s doors on a brand new building in August of 2015. It is the largest elementary school in the state of Kansas. 

Employer Address: 330 E. Hwy. 24-40 Tonganoxie, Kansas

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