Forensics Teacher, part-time

The Forensics teacher position is available for teaching one section of forensics second semester beginning in January 2019. 


  • The school teacher is directly accountable to the Principal.
  • This position interacts with internal and external customers, including students, parents, faculty, staff, and administration in accomplishment of responsibilities


  • Commitment to Jesus Christ demonstrated in professional and personal life
  • Master’s Degree in specific discipline is preferred
  • Teaching experience is preferred

Philosophy of Education

Scripture clearly teaches that parents are responsible for their children`s education and discipline.  The school is not a substitute for the home.  Rather, it is an extension of the home and one means through which parents may fulfill the responsibility for education given by the Lord.

Trinity Academy affirms that the Bible is authoritative, reliable, and the final source of truth.  Education can be most effectively accomplished in an environment that recognizes that all truth is God`s truth (John 17:17).  The fear of the Lord is the foundation of all wisdom and knowledge.  It follows naturally, therefore, that in the school curriculum there exists an emphasis on the unity of all truth and on the development of an eternal perspective on life.

The school also has an institutional position that God is the creator of all things according to Genesis 1-2:4.

Philosophy of Teaching

Our mission is best implemented through men and women called by Jesus Christ to transform the lives of students through the lives that they lead.  Living Curriculum Teachers (LCTs) strive to model Christ in their daily walk. The LCT model is defined below.

We seek master teachers who are dedicated to ministry.  The mission of Christian education is distinguished from that of secular education by the integration of biblical principles and values in every aspect of the curriculum. Another predominant difference directly related to a position at Trinity Academy is the understanding that the teacher’s life should be a living example of the truth that is taught.  J.M. Price is quoted by Dr. Ronald Chadwick as saying, “Jesus lived the truth far more than He could ever teach it.”  And because people trusted the Christ who spoke, they trusted the message He brought.

We endeavor to present education in such a way that students find compelling reasons to research and apply biblical principles to every aspect of life, from their academic subject to the arts to athletics to friendships and beyond.  The sacred/secular dichotomy should not exist for the Christian educator, for we view all truth as God’s truth.  The society in which we live is governed by a naturalistic and secular philosophy, practicing relativistic values and morals.  We desire to honor God’s command expressed in Genesis 1:28 to take dominion of this world in the name of our God who is supernatural, sacred, and absolute in His love, righteousness and justice.

Overall Performance Skills

  • Given the school`s mission of Christian education, it is imperative that each teacher be committed to the lordship of Christ in his/her life.
  • We seek teachers who desire to serve Christ through a love and genuine concern for students.  Such teachers embrace a commitment to serve in their role as a spiritual mentor to students, and they are willing to spend the extra time individually with students that helps the student to experience and to desire to fulfill Christ’s command to “love one another.”
  • We seek teachers who evidence scholarship in their personal education and who have a comprehensive understanding of their subject matter.
  • Teachers should possess enthusiasm for their subjects and a passion to teach. Education is not treated merely as the acquisition of information; rather teachers should demonstrate the importance of subject matter by conveying it in ways which will have personal and practical application for students.
  • Students are eager to learn.  They will learn something in the every school year, whether it is personal responsibility and clear thinking or compensating behaviors and a compromising of values.  Trinity Academy seeks to feed this appetite for learning with the highest quality knowledge, skills, and habits of work.  Teachers should encourage the student to participate actively in the learning process.
  • Teachers should understand that it is the integration of knowledge that makes learning relevant for students.  There are unifying, fundamental, biblical principles that exist within and among academic subjects.  These principles need to be amplified for students both to demonstrate their inter-relatedness and coherency and also to manifest the reality that all truth is God’s Truth.                                       

Living Curriculum Teachers

Our mission is best implemented through men and women called by Jesus Christ to transform the lives of students through the lives that they lead.  Living Curriculum Teachers (LCTs) strive to model Christ in their daily walk:

Christ-Centered LCTs demonstrate love and faithfulness (Galatians 2:20). 

  • They are prayerful people with a born-again, growing love for Jesus Christ. 
  • They are dedicated to teaching through the lens of Scripture while modeling a biblical worldview.
  • They are called to disciple their students and see them grow in Christ.

Hopeful and Happy LCTs demonstrate joy and peace (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).

  • They are positive people who smile and laugh freely.  
  • They see the glass as half full, not half empty, and therefore find the best in each student. 
  • They love students and encourage them through words, deeds, and actions.  
  • They create an environment that encourages trust and respect from students.

Relational LCTs demonstrate patience and kindness (Romans 12:9-11). 

  • They are patient when building relationships and take time to know and encourage students.  
  • They notice emerging qualities in students and share their observations.  
  • They treat students with dignity in an orderly and respectful classroom environment.  
  • They are willing to be vulnerable in sharing their heart and faith.  
  • They develop reasonable expectations that are understandable and consistent.  
  • They know how to gently correct, provide just consequences, and encourage restoration.  
  • They do not use sarcasm and embarrassment in teaching or professional relationships.  
  • They are approachable and accessible to students and parents.

Innovative LCTs demonstrate gentleness (Isaiah 43:18-19).

  • They understand that creativity and relevance to “real life” is evident in good teaching.
  • They have routines but never become routine.
  • They recognize and reward excellence, creativity, and effort.
  • They have a heart for life-long learning and professional development.
  • They think “outside the box” for new ways to convey knowledge and truth.

Skillful LCTs demonstrate goodness and integrity (Psalm 78:72).

  • They are prepared so they can encourage students to pursue academic excellence.
  • They plan efficient classroom activities utilizing a comprehensive scope and sequence.
  • They demonstrate excellence in their content area, yet teach to a variety of learning styles.
  • They model and encourage a biblical worldview in developing critical-thinking skills.
  • They create challenging, meaningful assignments mindful of balance of life issues.
  • They utilize effective assessment that gives personal, prompt feedback to each student.
  • They know that life learning may at times come before book learning.

Trustworthy LCTs demonstrate self-control (James 3:1, Psalm 41:1-2).

  • They are passionate about integrity and character.
  • They desire constructive feedback of their performance.
  • They understand when others make mistakes and pursue forgiveness and reconciliation.
  • They believe in the Matthew 18 principle and practice it.
  • They demonstrate the heart of a servant leader, and they provide opportunities for students to develop as servant leaders.

LCTs help students become engaged in pursuing truth, maturing their faith, and building character.

Trinity Academy
Commensurate with degree and experience
Job Start Date: January-1-2019
Applications Due By: January-1-2019

Job Contact Information

Cathy Castle - - 3166340909

Employer Information

Trinity Academy

Employer Address: 12345 E 21st St North Wichita, Kansas

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