Head Scholar Bowl Coach

-Practices will be right after we get done with school. So from 3:30 pm- 4:30 pm. Or if there is a better time for you in the evening.

-Good with kids and can be a positive mentor to them.

-Schedule is from February 20th-March 25th.

-have a parent who is willing to help assist.

Xavier Catholic School - Leavenworth
n/a Email or call me if interested
Job Start Date: February-20-2019
Applications Due By: March-25-2019

Job Contact Information

Seth Parres - seth.parres@leavenworthcatholicschools.org - 6364433034

Employer Information

Xavier Catholic School - Leavenworth leavenworthcatholicschools.org




Employer Address: 541 Muncie Rd. Leavenworth, Kansas

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