High School Counselor

Job Title:                     Counselor                                


Purpose:                      The purpose of the Counselor is to provide guidance with a wide spectrum from home situations, personal situations to academic preparation, coordinate high school testing of students in transition (middle school to high school; high school to post high school), remain current on educational issues.               


Responsible to:           Building Principal          


Supervises:                  Classified personnel as assigned by the administration




1.         Kansas Certification as a counselor or actively seeking certification.


2.         Caring personal relationship with students – seek the welfare of the students.


3.         Work with School Psychologists in area of diagnostic testing.


4.         Ability to administer testing.


5.         Available to students and parents.


Essential Functions:


Physical Requirements/Environmental Conditions:


General responsibilities:


1.         Counsel all students.


2.         Manage a career program, integrate information into the classroom.


3.         Provide mandatory and elective testing program.

a.  recommend tests, selection, administration of program.

b.  testing achievement and ability in cognitive and affective areas.

c.  interpretation of tests to students, parents, staff, and Board of Education, along with Testing Coordinator.

d.  assist in evaluation relative to curriculum development, along with Testing Coordinator.


4.         Adjust and develop, with the administration and staff, curriculum offerings:

            a.  research needs, philosophies and trends in curriculum development;

            b.  review goal setting techniques as well as district goals.


5.         Counsel students in all academic area:

            a.  guide students into class;

            b.  monitor student progress.


6.         Inform staff and parents of student progress through written and oral communication.


7.         Be an active member of the building team during the development of IEP’s for students.


8.         Maintain one five year follow-up of graduates, when required, including:

            a.  develop questionnaire on courses (curriculum), attitudes;

            b.  location and occupation;

            c.  academic preparation;


9.         Develop and maintain an active scholarship program for seniors:

            a. contact with secondary institutions;


10.        Work with staff in providing for recognition of student achievement through an

            award-reward system.


11.        Coordinate vocation counselors and high staff through classroom experience.


12.        Coordinate services with the school psychologist – monitor and assist in identification of students with psychological problems.


13.        Keep a current file of student academic progress and student goals:

            a.  incoming student’s four year plan;

            b.  graduation needs;

            c.  college entrance requirements;

            d.  academic-activity refinement;

            e.  specific college entrance requirements;


14.        Be a confidant, source of support, and a listener for students.


15.        Be a communicator with parents and instructors.


16.        Be available to students.


17.        Keep the administration appraised of activities in the counseling department.


18.        Be sympathetic to staff and students.


19.        Scheduling of academic, elective and supplementary courses to benefit all students in pursuit of their goals.


20.        Other duties may be assigned:

            a.  Maintains orderly and peaceful counseling environment.

            b.  Procures and distributes materials.

            c.  Assists as needed in supervising students.

            d.  Assists with planning for curriculum and other committees.

            e.  Participates in inservice training sessions and/or student teacher training.



Term of Employment:              As per negotiated teacher agreement


Payment Rate:                          According to Certified Salary Schedule


Evaluation:                               Performance effectiveness will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board of Education Policy of Certified Personnel.


Board of Education Approved:  08/09/04

Amended:  6/14/2010

Lyons USD 405

Job Start Date: August-12-2020
Applications Due By: February-1-2020

Job Contact Information

Bill Day - bday@usd405.com - 620-257-5196, Ext. 1

Employer Information

Lyons USD 405 www.usd405.com

Unified School District #405 is located in Lyons, the county seat of Rice County.  The district is comprised of four attendance centers with a total student enrollment of approximately 800 students.  The district employs 107 certified staff and approximately 158 classified staff. 

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Employer Address: 800 S. Workman Lyons, Kansas

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