High School Math Teacher

Title: Teacher
Reports to/Supervised by: Building Principal
Job Goal:
To help students do the following:
1. Master subject areas specified by the district’s curriculum guides
2. Demonstrate that mastery on local- state and national assessments that are the foundational elements of the school accreditation process
3. Develop into mature- able and responsible citizens.
1. A valid building-level/subject area license issued by the Kansas State Board of Education
2. Ability to work cooperatively and constructively with others- including the ability to communicate effectively with a broad number of audiences
3. Effective management of job responsibilities to meet the established district outcomes
4. Use of district-identified computer hardware and software- as well as other district-provided technology as needed
5. Adaptation to the compressed time schedule of a school day and year
6. As many of their duties will be supervising groups of children without the benefit of additional help or administrative supervision- the job requires significant self-discipline- internal motivation- and sound judgment.
Performance Responsibilities include- but are not limited to the following:
1. Oversee safe and orderly classrooms.
A. Create a safe and orderly environment that facilitates positive behavior and learning for all students
B. Take appropriate action when students exhibit emotionally/physically distressed behaviors
C. Supervise students as assigned
2. Ensure student achievement for all student groups.
A. Monitor progress of individual students and student groups through the use of appropriate testing techniques and with the assistance of technology when appropriate
3. Build positive school/community relations
A. Support the mission of the school and the district
B. Facilitate cooperation between all persons in the school community
4. Lead the students in developing constructive peer and student/teacher relations
A. Assist students in development of appropriate communication skills
B. Follows al district policies- handbooks and regulations
5. Oversee effective and efficient student performance
A. Assist students in development of cognitive skills
B. Set high expectations for learning for all students- based on their individual needs
C. Use a variety of instructional materials- activities and approaches appropriate to the needs of individual learners
D. Develop and monitor plans of improvement for students who are not meeting academic goals
6. Practice responsible fiscal- facility- and resource management
A. Procure classroom supplies and equipment following building budget guidelines
B. Establish behavior guidelines that ensure the care and maintenance of district facilities and equipment
7. Model positive professional attributes
A. Participate in professional activities to enhance knowledge and skills
B. Use written and spoken language well
C. Maintain parental contact
D. Handle student work in a timely- confidential and effective manner
E. Maintain classroom hours sufficient to meet job expectations
8. Perform other duties as assigned and in accordance with the provisions of the USD 464 Board of Education.
Evaluation: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the USD 464 Board of Education’s policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel and/or the district’s Negotiated Agreement.
Work Year: 178.5 days
Appointment: One year subject to annual review and renewal

Job Start Date: NA
Applications Due By: 06/13/2019

Job Contact Information

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Employer Information

Tonganoxie USD 464 www.tong464.org

Tonganoxie Public Schools offer a wide variety of educational opportunities while enjoying the benefits of a small community.  Nestled in the hills between Lawrence and Kansas City, this growing town of 5,000 people enjoys the benefits that a large city provides. USD 464 currently operates 3 schools: one elementary (K-5), one middle (6-8), and one high school (9-12).  K-12 enrollment is estimated at 1,900. Tonganoxie High School has a student body of 600 students. Students enjoy a wide variety of extra curricular activities that add to their high school experience. The curriculum is diverse, supporting technical programs as well as Advanced Placement classes and college classes for the students. Tonganoxie Middle School first opened its doors in January 2007. Students enjoy state of the art facilities that support the academic and extra curricular activities. Tonganoxie Elementary School opened it`s doors on a brand new building in August of 2015. It is the largest elementary school in the state of Kansas. 

Employer Address: 330 E. Hwy. 24-40 Tonganoxie, Kansas

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