Interrelated Resource Room Teacher

The Chautauqua & Elk County Special Services Cooperative sponsored by West Elk USD#282 is seeking Interrelated Resource Room candidates for the 2019-2020 school year.  Consideration will be given for any area of license (K-12, PreK-3, K-6, 7-9, etc.) as long as the candidate meets the qualifications for an Interrelated Resource Room position OR is able to obtain a waiver by enrolling in a program of study leading to a license.

West Elk USD 282
The Cooperative offers a paid single fringe benefit for its Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan and pays an additional $50/month for any of the family plans. Additional benefits are available through the Cafeteria Plan at the employee`s expense (dental, vision, annuities, cancer, disability, etc.). Our member districts also offer supplemental positions for interested licensed staff with salary established by each Board of Education. The Cooperative`s salary schedule allows for a negotiable salary with MA/MS positions beginning at $38,000 with $520 added for each year of accredited teaching experience AND $520 added for each 8 hours of college credit earned above the MA/MS up to and including a MA/MS +40 college hours. Our Salary Schedule tops out at a MA/MS +40 at 22 years; however the Cooperative continues to pay an additional $520 for additional years of service.
Job Start Date: August-1-2019
Applications Due By: August-1-2019

Job Contact Information

Bert Moore - - 6203742113

Employer Information

West Elk USD 282


West Elk USD 282 is located in Howard, Kansas and serves students from preschool through school completion. West Elk serves approximately 368 students residing primarily in Elk, Chautauqua, and Greenwood Counties.  West Elk piloted a Four Day School Week during the 2016-2017 school year and plans to continue the Four Day School Week for 2017-2018.  West Elk schedules Mondays as the non-school day.

The Elk County area is home to abundant wildlife and many recreational activities.  Over 86% of our students meet or exceed Math and Reading standards on Kansas Assessments. The West Elk Board of Education has adopted 6 goals with the first being "Facilities" and the second being "Kids First".

Employer Address: 1201 S. Highway 99, P.O. Box 607 Howard, Kansas

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