Learning Facilitator (Instructional Coach)

Job Description



Title:               Learning Facilitator (Instructional Coach)


Reports To:    Assistant Superintendent for Learning Services


Evaluation:    As per Negotiated Agreement


Job Summary:

Through reflective dialogue and feedback the instructional coach will provide classroom support to teachers by planning and modeling effective instructional strategies in order to improve teacher performance and results for students.  Coaches will develop and deliver professional learning in the area of curriculum and instruction at the building and district level.



Masters degree in subject area- curriculum/instruction- or administration.

Five years teaching experience


Required knowledge- skills and abilities:

  1. Knowledge of and experience with professional learning.
  2. Knowledge of teaching performance standards.
  3. Knowledge of adult learning theory.
  4. Knowledge of effective instructional practices.
  5. Knowledge of curriculum standards.
  6. Ability to tackle data analysis.
  7. Ability to integrate technology.


Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Provide training and support for mentors and new teachers.
  2. Work with building administration to develop and deliver staff professional learning.
  3. Work with district curriculum and instruction staff to develop plans for district

     professional learning.

  1. Conduct building/classroom visits for new teachers twice per semester.
  2. Four days per week are devoted to classroom visits while one day per week is devoted

     to collaboration with other coaches- planning- as well as professional training/


  1. Follow-up visits with reflective dialogue and feedback.
  2. Document observations- walk-throughs- trainings- and feedback discussions.
  3. Analyze data on student performance to determine student learning needs as well as to

     determine further professional learning needs.

  1. Conduct building and staff trainings related to school improvement efforts.



  1. Attend and participate- as requested- in trainings related to curriculum development-

      writing of assessments- standards training- effective instructional practices-

      differentiation- professional learning technology integration- mentoring- and cognitive


  1. Expand and maintain a library of resource materials that may be loaned to building

      staff members.

  1. Other duties as assigned.
  2. Six addendum days shall be added to the contract for duties beyond the base contract.


Physical Requirements/Environmental Conditions:

Physical and emotional ability and dexterity to perform required work and move about as

needed in a fast-pace- high-intensive work environment.





Job Start Date: NA
Applications Due By: 02/08/2019

Job Contact Information

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Employer Information

Haysville USD 261 www.usd261.com
The Haysville School District combines the personalized spirit of a small town with a top-notch staff, curriculum and facilities normally associated with larger communities. With care and individual attention, we focus on putting each student on the road to a lifetime of learning. Encompassing 36 square miles of south-central Sedgwick County, the Haysville School District (No. 261) draws students from a wide range of urban and rural backgrounds to create a rich, well-blended student body. Our curriculum, designed to meet each student’s educational needs, emphasizes the core academic areas of reading, math, science, and social studies, while incorporating all State of Kansas standards for education and reflecting national curriculum reform efforts.

Please go the district's website at https://haysville.schoolrecruiter.net/Index.aspx to complete an online application.

For more information about the Haysville School District  visit our website at http://www.usd261.com 

"Unified School District 261 does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, military status or age in its programs and activities.  The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:  Dr. Michael Clagg, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, 1745 W. Grand, Haysville, Kansas 67060 Office Phone: (316) 554-2206, Email:  mclagg@usd261.com"


Employer Address: 1745 W. Grand Haysville, Kansas

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