Roving (Certified) Registered Professsional (SPED) School Nurse

Topeka Public Schools USD 501

Roving Registered School Nurse (SPED)


Title: Roving Registered Professional School Nurse (SPED)


Reports To: Director of Special Education K-12 and Coordinator of Nursing Services

Position Purpose:

This is a certified position responsible for supervising designated staff that provides nursing care to special education students.  A high degree of organizational skills and attention to detail are needed along with the ability to work with a wide range of professionals in the school setting and community.  The certified roving nurse must be able to communicate effectively and to work independently within established guidelines in a timely manner.


This position requires a licensed professional nurse preferably with a baccalaureate degree in nursing from an accredited school of nursing and two years of clinical experience.  In addition- supervisory experience is recommended. The individual must be able to exercise assessment and critical thinking skills when delivering nursing services in the school setting.  The individual must maintain confidentiality and use good judgment in handling and dispersing information while applying new concepts and details quickly and adapt easily to change.


Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Shall be responsible for the nature and quality of all nursing care that a special education student is given under the direction of the rovering registered professional nurse in the school setting (K.A.R. 60-15-101)
  2. Assessment of the nursing needs- the plan of nursing action- implementation of the plan- and evaluation of the plan (K.A.R. 60-15-101).
  3. In fulfilling nursing care responsibilities- may perform the following (K.A.R. 60-15-101):
    1. Serve as a health advocate for special education students receiving nursing care
    2. Counsel and teach special education students-families and groups about health and illness
    3. Promote health maintenance
    4. Serve as a health consultant and a resource to teachers and other school staff who are providing special education student with health services during school attendance hours or extended program hours
    5. Utilize nursing theories- communication skills- and the teaching-learning process to function as part of the interdisciplinary evaluation team

   4. As indicated- to ensure the delivery of nursing services to special education students attending USD 501- the roving                 registered special education professional nurse will:

    1. Obtain physician orders and request necessary equipment/supplies
    2. Provide /coordinate substitute coverage to maintain continuity of nursing care for special education students
    3. Report designated staff absences to the appropriate district staff (e.g. Classroom teacher- Director of Special Education- Coordinator of Nursing Services)
    4. Direct supervision of a diabetic management plan
    5. Conduct onsite visit to perform nursing assessments (e.g. head injury/trauma)
    6. Visit designated unlicensed staff on a daily basis and licensed nurses at least once a week
    7. Provide first aid training to designated staff
    8. Assist with emergency care for injuries and illness in the school setting
    9. Notify the appropriate district staff whenever an ambulance is called
    10. Serve as a member of the IEP team and provide health information needed for special education planning
    11. Compile and ensure accuracy of Medicaid documentation and nursing services data
    12. Serve as a liaison between Topeka Public Schools and contract nurse’s agencies.

    5.  Delegation (authorization) for unlicensed persons to perform selected nursing tasks or procedures in the school setting              for special education students under the direction of a registered professional nurse (K.A.R. 60-15-102).


    6. The registered professional nurse shall perform the following (K.A.R. 60-15-102)

    1. Assess each special education student’s nursing care needs
    2. Formulate an individual health care plan for special education students before delegating any nursing task or procedure to an unlicensed person
    3. Formulate an individual health care plan for each special education student who has one or more long-term chronic health conditions requiring nursing interventions.


     7.  The registered professional nurse shall orient and instruct unlicensed persons in the performance of selected nursing                task or procedure for special education students. The registered professional nurse shall document in writing the                    unlicensed person’s demonstration of the competency necessary to perform the delegated task or procedure. The                  designated unlicensed person shall co-sign the documentation indicating the person’s concurrence with this                            competency evaluation (K.A.R. 60-15-102).


     8. The registered professional nurse shall meet these requirements (K.A.R. 60-15-102)

    1. Be accountable and responsible for the delegated nursing task or procedure for special education students
    2. At least twice during the academic year- participate in joint evaluation for the services rendered
    3. Record services performed
    4. Adequately supervise the performance for the delegated nursing task or procedure in accordance with the requirements of (K.A.R. 60-15-103)


    9. The registered professional nurse shall supervise all nursing tasks or procedures delegated to designated unlicensed                  person in the school setting in accordance with the following conditions The registered professional nurse shall meet                these requirements (K.A.R. 60-15-103).


   10. The registered professional nurse shall determine the degree of supervision required after an assessment of appropriate             factors- including the following (K.A.R. 60-15-103)

    1. Health status and mental and physical stability of the student receiving nursing care
    2. Complexity of the task or procedure to be delegated
    3. Training and competency of the unlicensed person to whom the task or procedure is to be delegated
    4. Proximity and availability of the registered professional nurse to the designated unlicensed person when the selected nursing task or procedure will be performed.


   11. The supervising registered professional nurse may designate whether or not the nursing task or procedure is one that               may be delegated or supervised by a licensed practical nurse (K.A.R. 60-15-103).


   12.  The delegating registered professional nurse shall have a plan to provide nursing care when the delegating nurse is                 absent (K.A.R. 60-15-103).

   13.  The registered professional nurse may delegate the procedure of administering medications to unlicensed persons if all             of these conditions are met(K.A.R. 60-15-104):

    1. The initial dose of a medication has been previously administered to the student
    2. The administering of the medication does not require dosage calculation
    3. The nursing care plan requires administration by accepted methods of administration


    14. The registered professional nurse SHALL NOT delegate the procedure of medication administration in a school setting to            unlicensed persons when administered by any of these means (K.A.R. 60-15-104):

    1. By intravenous route
    2. By intramuscular route- except when administered in an anticipated health crisis
    3. Through intermittent positive-pressure breathing machines
    4. Through any tube inserted into the body- except through an established feeding tube directly inserted into the abdomen.


    15. Other duties as assigned.


Terms of Employment:

This is a 9-month position.



Performance of this position will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Certified Agreement.
Job Start Date: NA
Applications Due By: 07/31/2019

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