School Turnaround Officer

REPORTS TO:  Assistant Superintendent


POSITION PURPOSE:  The School Turnaround Officer (STO) or Associate Measurement and Evaluation Specialist (MES) will work under the direction of the Assistant Superintendent to support the school improvement efforts of the schools that receive school improvement grants and the QPA accountability for all schools.  The STO-MES will work closely with each school to ensure that the requirements of grants are being adhered to.  The STO-MES will provide technical support by managing the budget and getting all purchase orders prepared and delivered.  The STO-MES will also assist each school’s leadership team in making decisions pertaining to the improvement efforts outlined in the grants and assist the schools to ensure all QPA accountability documents are completed and submitted to the state.  The STO-MES will also assist schools who have been awarded 21st Century Grants.  It is the responsibility of the STO-MES to meet with the coordinators at each school to ensure their budgets are being managed properly. 


QUALIFICATIONS:  This position requires: M.A. degree in education or related field; three to five years successful professional experience; working knowledge of policies- regulations- goals- and objectives of the district; knowledge of statistical analysis; strong organizational- communication- and interpersonal skills; ability to complete assignments and reports- along with preparing presentations for the Board of Education and the public; ability to work in and contribute to creating a performance culture and a highly collaborative environment. 


PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS:   This position prefers:  prior administrative experience- administrative certification- and  district level certification.


PHYSICAL/EMOTIONAL REQUIREMENTS:  (The incumbent may be required to use the following skills and abilities during any part of the working day.)  Speaking- hearing- visual- reading- writing- word processing- mobility- consistency of temperament- ability to work with a variety of problems at the same time- stamina for working long hours and in stress-producing environments. 



  • Knowledge of national and state curriculum and instructional initiatives.
  • Knowledge of the district’s budget process and ability to prepare and administer a major program budget. 
  • Knowledge and understanding of federal and state requirements for differentiated accountability and school improvement.
  • Knowledge of grant budgets and analysis for federal and state grants.
  • Knowledge of support services delivery systems and Title I guidelines and compliance regulations.
  • Knowledge and commitment to effective decision-making and accountability for results.
  • Knowledge of Kansas Education Systems Accreditation (KESA).
  • Knowledge of Kansas assessment program and data analysis.
  • Knowledge of program evaluation process.
  • Ability to seek out- coordinate- and write local- regional- and federal district grants and facilitate building-level grants.
  • Ability to work and communicate effectively with people to focus resources (both human and financial) toward the achievement of district expected results.
  • Ability to manage district grant budgets.
  • Ability to collaborate with district finance office and the district Director of Federal/State Grants.
  • Ability to organize and submit information for BoardDocs.
  • Ability to meet report deadlines for annual and final grant reports.
  • Ability to facilitate and monitor current regulations of grant requirements.
  • Ability to serve as facilitator for district grant committee meetings.
  • Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.
  • Ability to work independently.



  • Demonstrates a professional code of ethics and values.
  • Communicates available grants to staff.
  • Writes- secures- and implements grants.
  • Analyzes data and provides training.
  • Assists targeted low-performing schools in their program planning- implementation- and audit requirements for the school improvement process.
  • Assists schools with the implementation and monitoring of their grants.
  • Develops and communicates processes for complying with critical federal requirements and monitoring those processes for compliance.
  • Keeps the Superintendent and supervisor informed of current critical issues and incidents.
  • Follows the district’s policies and procedures as related to fixed assets.
  • Maintains financial compliance- instructional impact- and use of school grants.
  • Provides mentoring- coaching- and instructional support to schools.
  • Maintains responsibility for self development and keeping up-to-date on current research- trends- and best practices relevant to this area of responsibility.
  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by supervisor.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  12 months. Salary and work year to be determined by Board of Education.


EVALUATION:  Performance of this position will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board policy on evaluation of administrators.

Revised: 2013; 2019
Job Start Date: NA
Applications Due By: 02/08/2019

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Employer Information

Topeka USD 501

To apply for a position at Topeka Public Schools, please complete application at Topeka Public Schools is home to some of the finest students in the state of Kansas. Many of our students perform at the highest levels and our staff members are recognized regularly for outstanding accomplishments. Topeka Public Schools offer a variety of comprehensive programs fitted to the needs and interests of students. Excellence and equity are the standard. We take seriously our responsibility to educate all children. Although over half the students in the district are college bound, our commitment is not limited to them alone. Topeka Schools have received national recognition for excellence in education. Several of our schools made the Kansas Standards of Excellence in reading and mathematics with some schools seeing remarkable double-digit gains. Topeka Public Schools enrollment is sixth largest in Kansas, with a total average enrollment of over 14,000 students in elementary through high school. While the Topeka Public Schools are the largest district in Shawnee County, our schools are smaller than most. Elementary schools range in size from 200 to 600 students, including a science & fine arts magnet school and a computer magnet school. Middle schools range from 400 to 600 students and our three high schools have enrollments of 1000 to 2000 students. Hope Street Academy, a charter high school, draws alternative students from across the country. The school district sports complex, Hummer Sports Park, is a six-sport facility featuring state-of-the-art facilities for football, track, soccer, baseball, softball and swimming. We are committed to hiring and maintaining superior employees to educate and meet the needs of each student. As the third largest employer in Topeka, employing over 2400 certified and classified staff members, we provide a competitive salary schedule, district-paid insurance benefits, a generous leave package and many other great benefits. If you are interested in joining USD 501, please check the job listings below and visit our website at www.topekapublicschools.netto complete the application. 

Employer Address: 624 SW 24th Street Topeka, Kansas

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