Secondary Counselor

Seaman Middle School has an opening for a Guidance Counselor starting January 3- 2020.  


JOB TITLE: Guidance Counselor



  1. Has a current Kansas Certification
  2. Meets any other requirements set forth by state law or district policies.


RESPONSIBLE TO: Building principal and others as designated by the Board or the Superintendent.


JOB GOAL: Help students create a positive self-image- encourage personal growth and development and realistic planning for each student’s future.




  1. Work cooperatively with the principal and classroom teachers to develop a quality program that best fits the students’ needs.
  2. Counsel with students and assist them to understand the school and its environment- themselves in relation to others.
  3. Help students evaluate their progress in relation to their strengths and weaknesses and themselves in relation to education and vocational opportunities and requirements.
  4. To assist the building principal in building a master schedule and in placing students in classes.
  5. To assemble and interpret information about pupils contained in the individual pupil records.
  6. To participate in case conferences and parent conferences.
  7. Provide orientation service for incoming students so that the transition from a new school setting- or the movement from elementary school to middle school to high school will allow the student feel as secure as possible.
  8. To plan and to administer the testing program and to interpret test results to parents- pupils and teachers.
  9. To provide preventive counseling to potential dropouts- for potential discipline problems and adjustment counseling after disciplinary action has been taken.
  10. To cooperate with agencies and to make referral if additional help for students is indicated.
  11. To plan and organize group guidance activities
  12. To supply information pertaining to the development- progress and needs of the guidance program.
  13. To confer with students and parents concerning enrollment.
  14. To act as a consultant in major curricular changes.
  15. To work with teachers to help them understand students and the guidance program and to act as a consultant with teachers providing the best curriculum and atmosphere possible. To initiate referrals to the appropriate agencies for pupils who are in need of special assistance.
  16. To counsel and assist students in planning postgraduate training and/or education and to provide assistance in securing available scholarships- loans and grants.
  17. To assist students in vocational planning.
  18. To advise and refer students and their parents to appropriate community agencies as need may arise.
  19. Other duties as assigned by the administrators or Board of Education.
  20. Assist school personnel in securing records for students new to the school system.
  21. Secure information that will assist the principal and teachers in reaching a decision in a borderline retention or promotion.
  22. Assist in identification of the students.
  23. Schedule and supervise the giving of standardized testing
  24. Visit with classroom teachers concerning students who have learning difficulties.
  25. Meet with the faculty to discuss the role of the counselor.


Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the USD #345 Board of Education policies- Negotiated Agreement- and the state law on “Evaluation of Professional Personnel”.



School year- salary- benefits and working conditions to be established by the Board and in relevant areas those items contractually agreed by the USD #345 School Board and the Seaman Schools Negotiated Agreement.

Job Start Date: NA--
Applications Due By: December-13-2019

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Seaman USD 345

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Seaman USD 345 is primarily a suburban district of about 4,000 students, located within and adjacent to Topeka, Kansas. USD 345 is large enough for a well-diversified academic program, but small enough to provide individual attention. The district operates one high school, one middle school, five elementary schools, one alternative school, and one early learning center. Seaman has high quality teachers, administrators, and professional support staff members, with approximately 700 district employees. Many staff members have received recognition at the state and national levels as leaders in their field. Seaman is committed to excellent professional development, and new teachers participate in a high quality mentoring program. The Seaman School District is an excellent place to live and to work. Please visit our website at to learn more about our outstanding district and the opportunities it provides.


Employer Address: 901 NW Lyman Rd Topeka, Kansas

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