Special Education Instructional Facilitator, Turner High, CR00493

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                                                                                                                Special Education Instructional Facilitator

                                                                                                                                   Job Description


Purpose:                     The Special Education Instructional Facilitator provides leadership through the implementation of effective professional development related to achieving student academic and behavioral success.  Working in strategic, collaborative partnerships, the Facilitator will serve as an advocate for continuous improvement by focusing on student outcomes and supporting staff through job-embedded professional development. 

Responsible to:          Director of Special Services

Payment Rate:           Salary and benefits determined by Negotiated Agreement


  1. Valid Kansas Teacher License in at least one area of special education.
  2. A minimum of three years of successful teaching in a special education setting and/or demonstrated qualities consistent with a master special education teacher.
  3. Health and Inoculation Certificate on file in the Human Resources Office (after employment offer is made)
  4. Desire to continue career improvement by enhancing skills and job performance  

Essential Functions:

  1. Assist with facilitating improved student achievement through the effective implementation of professional development.
  2. Establish a positive learning environment and respond to the individual educational needs of special education identified students and staff.
  3. Provide professional leadership to collaboratively problem-solve the effective delivery of research-based instructional practices.
  4. Ensure all activities conform to Federal, State, and District regulations and/or guidelines.
  5. Communicate and work effectively and cooperatively with members of the school district, community organizations and agencies to promote a positive, instructional effective school and district climate.
  6. Advocate with staff and administration to provide legally appropriate best practices to meet the educational, social, and emotional needs of individual students.  
  7. Operate all equipment appropriately if needed to perform duties.
  8. React to change and frequent interruptions in a productive manner, meeting deadlines as assigned.
  9. Implement the vision and mission of the district.

Physical Requirements/Environmental Conditions:

  1. Must occasionally work in noisy and crowded environments, with numerous interruptions.
  2. Have ability to travel in personal or school district vehicle.
  3. Be flexible regarding scheduling, working conditions, and locations.
  4. May require some physical exertion.

General Responsibilities:

  1. Provide on-going professional development in a variety of formats including individual, small and large groups, interest/study groups and new teacher induction program.
  2. Keep current on educational developments by attending professional meetings, reading professional journals, and other publications to enhance knowledge and skill.   
  3. Provide instructional support through planning, modeling, co-teaching and reflection to facilitate the positive personal, social, cognitive development of students and to ensure that the legal educational rights of special education students are met.
  4. Observe student response to instruction, providing constructive feedback to staff and modeling effective, innovative instructional strategies or behavioral interventions. 
  5. Assist with the development of appropriate classroom management and model this skill, especially for teachers new to special education.  
  6. Assist in decision making leading to the alignment of instruction with state standards, curriculum, and assessments.  
  7. Assist in the use of standards-based curriculum in writing Individual Education Plans and in lesson planning and presentation.
  8. Assist with the recommendation, organization, maintenance and distribution of curricular materials.
  9. Serve as a mentor for data collection, analysis, and presentation of assessment data related to academic and behavioral student needs.  
  10. Assist in the analysis and translation of data to determine the need to continue or change instructional practices.
  11. Assist staff in setting high expectations for student achievement and behavior.  
  12. Provide professional development to aid in making state and local assessment decisions and in the appropriate record-keeping and scoring of alternate assessment measures.  
  13. Collaborate with the administrative staff, instructional coaches and the school improvement team in the planning and implementation of efforts to increase the student achievement of special needs students.  
  14. Collaborate with administrative staff, general educators, school psychologists, and related service providers in the implementation of a response to intervention model.  
  15. Assist in providing professional development to create a model for positive behavioral support.  
  16. Be responsible for the provision of the new teacher induction model.  
  17. Encourage the use of technology to support student and staff learning.
  18. Demonstrate effective interpersonal relationships with students, staff, parents, and the community and respond to information requests in a courteous and timely manner.
  19. Assist in the planning and training of para-educators.
  20. Provide assistance with case-management and the completion of the IEP and due process forms, especially for teachers new to special education.  
  21. Assist in the completion of IEP evaluation tools such as rubrics and the Focused Monitoring process.
  22. Recommend potential changes to the IEP forms, technological process, and resource materials.
  23. Assist with advocacy and public awareness leading to increased understanding of the needs of exceptional children.
  24. Assist with decision-making related to maintaining the needed inventory of materials and supplies.
  25. Maintain appropriate confidential records and provide documented information in a cooperative, confidential, and timely manner.
  26. Observe all district and school policies while participating in building and system-wide planning and assist in the identification and evaluation of program outcomes.
  27. Attend staff development in order to implement and follow all Federal, State, and District special education regulations and guidelines, health and safety procedures and policies, and employee obligations, including all precautions of the Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan.
  28. Perform other duties and assumes other responsibilities as assigned by the Director of Special Services and according to the negotiated agreement.

Terms of Employment:  Academic year and supplemental days if needed to perform job duties.

Evaluation:  Performance effectiveness will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Kansas Statues and Board of Education policy.

Approved:  08/07/07



Turner USD 202
Competitive salary and benefits
Job Start Date: August-1-2020
Applications Due By: July-31-2020

Job Contact Information

Deb Ayers-Geist - ayers-geistd@turnerusd202.org - 913-288-4181

Employer Information

Turner USD 202 www.turnerusd202.org

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Employer Address: 800 South 55th Street Kansas City, Kansas

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