Speech Language Pathologist for Butler County

Butler County Special Education Interlocal #638 is currently seeking a speech language pathologist to work in Andover USD 385. Application accepted on-line at http://www.applitrack.com/bcsbc/onlineapp/

Single Health provided at $50. Optional dental, vision, and cancer insurance available. Tax shelter plan available. Salary commensurate with education and experience.
Job Start Date: August-1-2019
Applications Due By: October-1-2019

Job Contact Information

Anita Farthing - afarthing@bcsbc.org - 316-775-6904

Employer Information

Butler County Special Education www.bcsbc.org

Butler County Special Education Interlocal #638 (BCSBC) is located within minutes of east metropolitan Wichita and borders the east side of Sedgwick County. BCSBC serves approximately 2400 exceptional students within nine school districts. The communities served by BCSBC include, but are not limited to: Andover, Augusta, Benton, Cassoday, Rosalia, Towanda, Leon, Latham, Douglass, El Dorado, Rose Hill, Remington and Whitewater. The nine school districts served by BCSEC include Andover USD 385, Augusta USD 402, Bluestem USD 205, Circle USD 375, Douglass, USD 396, El Dorado USD 490, Rose Hill USD 394 and Remington USD 205.

BCSBC is a progressive and growing interlocal, with several new schools being built each year within the boundaries of the interlocal. Students are served by a variety of educational models which include mainstreaming, inclusion, resource room, consultation and self-contained settings. BCSEC utilizes an Autism Team, an Assistive Technology Team, a Traumatic Brain Injury Team, and a Behavior Management Team to work with teachers within the cooperative in assisting students to be successful in the least restrictive environment. Interested candidates should visit the website at www.bcsbc.org or contact :

Anita Farthing (afarthing@bcsbc.org) 

Butler County Special Education Interlocal #638

9110 SW Haverhill Road

Augusta, KS 67010

(316) 775-6904

Employer Address: 9110 SW Haverhill Rd Augusta, Kansas

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