Technology Network Specialist / Asst IT Director

TITLE: Technology (IT) Network Specialist

REPORTS TO: Technology Director


1. Minimum of an associates degree in computer networking or proven IT experience in education.

2. Knowledge of computer hardware, software, media technology, devices and networks.

3. Be versatile in dealing with the varying demands of the school district.

4. Must be willing to work during hours outside the contract day to ensure that the district needs are met.

5. Must show a willingness to further ones education by attending training sessions and conferences.

6. In addition to the above qualifications, the Administration and/or Board of Education may require additional

qualifications that are appropriate for the execution of the job.

JOB GOAL:To provide technical support for the equipment and personnel at Southeast of Saline


1. Monitor, repair and maintain all computer related equipment used in the school district. Establish a preventative maintenance program that reduces the frequency of equipment breakdown.

2. Provide training and support for all personnel concerning the use, repair and maintenance of computers and related equipment.

3. Provide professional development to staff on all new hardware and software.

4. Provide input to the Administration and Board of Education in the purchase of computer equipment including hardware, software and networking.

5. Monitor, repair and maintain the computer networks owned by Southeast of Saline.

6. Act as a representative of Southeast of Saline when dealing with computer technology vendors from whom we may require services.

7. Receive training appropriate to the needs of the district for system and computer technology.

8. Develop and monitor an inventory of all computer hardware and software including all equipment used on the network. Monitor what is on hard drives and watch for programs that contain a computer virus.

9. Acquire knowledge and keep current on state and federal laws governing Internet use and other issues as it relates to technology in the education setting.

10. Provide information to Administration to ensure District Policies are current and up-to-date with industry standards.

11. Assist Administration in developing policies and procedures for use of all digital, media and computer equipment.

12. Operate, update and maintain the District’s wired and wireless network operating systems, mobile device management systems, firewalls and content filters.

13. Install software, hardware and other media technology that will enhance student learning and teacher effectiveness by supporting integration of technology into the classroom.

14. Maintain the upkeep of cabling, switches, routers and wiring closets.

15. Troubleshoot and repair software, hardware and other media technology problems.

16. Be responsible for transportation, food service, HVAC systems and district office software updates.

17. Support the operation of the district web-site and assist with policies and procedures for maintenance and updating.

18. Attend the technology committee which assists in planning and monitoring effectiveness of district technology initiatives.

19. Work to secure E-Rate funding for the district on an annual basis.

20. Manage, operate and repair all district communication devices.

21. Research pricing for software/hardware from vendors that will be beneficial to the District.

22. Responsible for the production of key cards, setting access privileges and building access

23. Other duties as assigned.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Full time; Salaried - Exempt.

EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board`s policy on Evaluation of Support Services Personnel.


To Apply: 

Send resume to Kelsey Loader: 

Southeast of Saline USD 306

5056 E K-4 Hwy, Gypsum, KS 67448


or by email:



Job Start Date: August-2-2019
Applications Due By: October-1-2019

Job Contact Information

Kelsey Loader - - 785536-4291

Employer Information

Southeast of Saline USD 306

USD 306 Southeast of Saline is located approximately 10 miles south and 5 miles east of Salina. Enrollment for K-12 at SES is 710 students. All K-12 classes are housed in one building. District Office is located on the campus.

Employer Address: 5056 E. K-4 Highway Gypsum, Kansas

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