Behavioral Health School Liaison (Manhattan-Ogden USD 383)


School Liaison


The purpose of the Behavioral Health School Liaison is to facilitate the implementation of a school-based behavioral health model.  The liaison will be a pivotal member of the school behavioral health team that works collaboratively to address the needs of students in the foster care system, as well as other students identified as needing additional behavioral health support.  The liaison will work in the school setting, as well as community and residential settings.  The liaison will work closely with USD 383 school administrators, counselors, social workers, special educators, nurses, and psychologists; Pawnee Mental Health Services (PMHS); Kansas Technical Assistance Systems Network (TASN) School Mental Health Initiative, community health partners, family caregivers, and child welfare agencies.




-  Bachelors or higher level degree (Masters preferred).

- Qualified in behavior intervention, such as school counselor, school social worker,   psychologist, or other related field.

- Experience in K-12 settings.

- Experience working with racially, culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse populations.

- Experience leading professional development and training.

- Possess excellent interpersonal skills and professional judgment.

- Demonstrated collaborative and consultative skills.

- Flexible, solutions oriented, collaborative, and responsive to crisis situations.




The School Liaison will be responsible for:

  1. Developing and implementing a school-based behavioral health model.
  2. Establishing a Mental Health Intervention Team.
  3. Identifying appropriate referrals for the team to engage.
  4. Acting as a liaison between the district and the PMHS and being the point person for communication between the two groups.
  5. Helping the PMHS staff understand and negotiate the school district system and procedures.
  6. Triage prospective referrals and deciding -with the PMHS staff- how to prioritize interventions for identified students.
  7. Helping the school personnel understand the role of the PMHS staff in this project.
  8. Facilitating connections between the identified students` families and the PMHS staff.
  9. Trouble shooting any problems that arise and work with the PMHS to resolve them.
  10. Gathering outcomes to monitor the effectiveness of the program.
  11. Following up with child welfare contacts to get educational history if a child has changed schools.
  12. Being an active part of the school intervention team and relaying information back to PMHS staff.
  13. Serving as liaison between PMHS, USD 383, and TASN’s School Mental Health Initiative.







  1. Serves as the primary liaison to community mental health partners, family caregivers, child welfare agencies, and school site administration.
  2. Collaborates with school administrators and community mental health partners to establish a school based behavioral health team model.
  3. Assists the behavioral health team in implementing data based screening and referral protocols to ensure timely access to school based and/or community based behavioral health services.
  4. Assesses student and family needs for the purpose of developing and implementing behavioral health support plans.
  5. Provides quality assurance in the referral process to the community mental health providers.
  6. Supports students and families with accessing and navigating community mental health services and other community based resources and services.
  7. Maintains accurate records for the purpose of progress monitoring and complying with district and state reporting requirements.
  8. Provides consultation to school administration and counseling staff on interventions for students experiencing behavioral and emotional barriers to learning.
  9. Assists school administrators with the development of student safety and re-entry plans.
  10. Ensures that school based interventions and services are trauma informed, and racially, culturally, linguistically, and economically appropriate.
  11. Provides professional development and coaching to administrators, teachers and counselors on trauma informed and culturally responsive services and supports within the behavioral health model.
  12. Provides support in crisis response.
  13. Participates in district in-service and professional development meetings.
  14. Conducts classroom observations of students for the purpose of data collections and fidelity of implementation of the treatment plans.
  15. Attends team meetings to participate in the problem solving model for students and families.
  16. Works within the MTSS framework to facilitate pre-screening; consult with teachers and staff and provides services to alleviate issues impairing a student’s ability to be successful in the regular classroom.
  17. Provides direct services and check-up supports to students on caseload assigned from reassignment hearings.
  18. Completes accident/incident reports for students/staff.
  19. Compiles data for statistical purposes.
  20. Maintains confidentiality regarding educational records.
  21. Maintains a daily log of school/staff visits and documentation.
  22. Utilizes existing technology effectively in the performance of duties.




EVALUATION: Evaluated annually by the Superintendent of Schools

Manhattan-Ogden USD 383

Employer Paid Benefits - 403(b) Contributions, Health Insurance, Personal & Sick Leave, Short-term Disability Placed on Salary Schedule
Job Start Date: October-15-2019
Applications Due By: October-24-2019

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Manhattan-Ogden USD 383

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