Greetings! is proud to sponsor a new series of webinars to help you with your teacher recruitment efforts. 
Part 1 of the series will be on April 27 at 2:00 pm and is for building and/ or district leaders. 
Title of series: Guerilla Recruiting
Description: Guerrilla recruiting is about DYNAMIC CREATIVITY: taking an energetically persuasive approach to one of the most important components of school success: talent acquisition. In this session, we will analyze, discuss and create job descriptions that effectively attract the perfect candidates to your districts, compelling them to act with excitement and urgency to get that job.
Session #1:  “Writing and posting jobs openings that teachers fight for”
April 27, 2:00 pm on Zoom.
Participants will have in-depth conversations about: 
Who are we as a school family?

Comfort Zone diagram: Learn where you are and where the magic happens.

What makes us different from other districts? Or, what do we want someone to BELIEVE makes us different from other districts? What is our WHY that sets us apart??

Identify language that is edgy and outside of the box- scrolling is monotonous and you will get overlooked without something attention-grabbing! Take a risk on words that are just outside your comfort zones!

Avoid Cliches and Create a *new* vision of school: ROPES course teams, Playful photos like dirty, messy kids and laughing teachers, photos that have over the top ENERGY,

Take a risk on your descriptions- because you want someone to take a risk on you
This is a fun, interactive zoom session and participants will leave with not only a clear vision of who they want to build their school "Dream Team," but also a template to easily create attention-grabbing job descriptions! 
*Additional webinars TBD
For questions, contact Nikki Heiman,