We know that schools may be dealing with an unprecedented staffing challenge due to the Covid 19 pandemic. As a result, the Kansas Education Employment Board would like to make it easier for you to post jobs that you may have never had a need to post before, including remote teaching or virtual teaching. We have also added additional posting opportunities for classified staff and other related service providers that may be needing to work in a different environment. Additionally, due to the unique situation regarding Covid 19, we recognize there may be a need for districts to share remote staff. We have added additional search and posting tools for you to find the right person for the job! 

Employer Job Postings updates
Updates have been made to the available categories a district can use when identifying their job posts.

       • Virtual Teaching Jobs: (more information) This position is more of a course monitor, where a teacher needs to supervise the work that students complete, but they are not the creator of the content. In order to advertise for this position, you must have a KSDE approved virtual program.

       • Remote Teaching jobs (more information): This position is for a traditional teacher to provide instruction in a remote setting. This may also include a hybrid model, where teachers are sometimes in the classroom and sometimes move to remote teaching.

       • Substitute Teaching Jobs: There may be an increase in the need for substitute teachers. We are increasing our presence on social media to recruit more qualified substitute teachers to support your students.

       • Paraprofessionals: You may have an increasing need for paraprofessionals for a variety of reasons.

    As a reminder, you can post jobs for the increasing need for the following positions:

       • Nurses: Due to the pandemic there is often a need for an increased number of either Registered Nurses or Certified Nurse Assistants. 

       • Social Worker/ School psychologists and Counselors: We know there is an increasing need for social-emotional support and possibly school-home communication and connection. Providing those services in a remote or virtual setting requires a unique skill set. Post your position here to find the right candidate. 

       • Bus Drivers/ Custodians/ Cooks- You can post open positions, either full time, part-time, or substitute status on Kansas Education Employment Board.