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Types of Licenses
Licensure Testing
Alternate Licensure Programs
Out of State Licensure

Types of Licenses:

Kansas offers a variety of licenses for practicing teachers, incoming teachers, and out-of-state teachers. The following is a list of those licenses:

Standard Licenses
Conditional: The initial Kansas teaching license (2 years).
Professional: A 2nd level license that is maintained through professional development (5 years).
Accomplished: an advanced level license for an individual who has achieved National Board Certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) (10 years).

Other Licenses
One year nonrenewable
Two year Exchange License
Two year Provisional License
Restricted (Alternative license program)
Technical Certificates
Substitute License

Licensure Testing The following tests are required by the state of Kansas for new teachers to qualify for the initial teaching license:
Content Assessment(s): Completed for all endorsement fields
Pedagogy Assessment: Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Teachers move from the initial license to the professional license by completing the Kansas Performance Assessment, a teacher work sample.

Test Information:
The following links provide information related to the specific Kansas requirements, obtaining study material to prepare for tests, and locate centers in Kansas for testing.
Kansas Praxis Test Requirements
Kansas Test Centers

Test Exemptions Kansas offers test exemptions to the following individuals:

Experienced educators who meet specific experience and licensure requirements Applicants who have completed comparable out-of-state assessment(s) and have achieved licensure in another state. Initial Kansas applicants who are Nationally Board Certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Applicants who were licensed or certified before May 1, 1986.

Alternative Licensure Programs
The following schools offer restricted license programs for individuals seeking alternative license who already hold a degree in a content area that they would like to teach in. Out-of-State Licensure
Kansas offers a range of initial licenses for individuals who are licensed in other states.